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Swine Flu Symptoms in Children


101433266c H1N1 Swine Flu is currently spreading throughout the U.S. and the world and swine flu symptoms in children are soaring. In the U.S. this disease appears to have taken a more mild form, and those infected for the most part, have quickly recovered.

Swine Flu Symptoms

Swine flu symptoms are like those of regular flu symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches, chills and fatigue. Some also have diarrhea and vomiting. These symptoms can be caused by any number of illnesses, and the only way swine flu can be diagnosed is by your doctor ordering lab tests.

Swine Flu Symptoms in Children

…urgent medical attention required

  • Fast breathing or trouble breathing
  • Bluish skin color
  • Not drinking enough fluids
  • Not waking up or interacting
  • Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
  • Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough
  • Fever with a rash

Adult Emergency Warning Signs:

…urgent medical attention required

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
  • Sudden dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Severe or persistent vomiting – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Swine Flu Symptoms in Children-FAQs:

What is Swine Flu?
In the past, there were rare cases of humans becoming affected from pigs who had swine flu, and those who were affected, had direct contact with pigs. But the current H1N1 swine flu outbreak is different. This is a new swine flu virus that is spreading from one individual to another…and these people have had no contact with pigs.

How is Swine Flu Transmitted?

The new H1N1 swine flu virus spreads just like the regular flu. It travels mainly from person to person through coughing or sneezing of the infected person, or by touching something with flu viruses on it and then touching their mouth or nose. This virus can become airborne if the infected person coughs or sneezes without covering their nose or mouth, sending the germs into the air.


When is a Person Contagious?

Infected people are contagious beginning 1 day before swine flu symptoms develop and up to 7 more days after becoming ill. This means you can pass on the flu to another person before you know you’re sick as well as while you’re ill.

Will Eating/Preparing Pork Cause Swine Flu?

No, swine influenza viruses are not spread by food. Eating properly prepared pork products is safe.




How to Prevent Swine Flu-Children

  • Wash hands often or use an alcohol based hand cleaner
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. That’s how germs spread
  • Avoid close contact with sick people
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw tissue in trash after use.
  • Try to stay in good general health
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Be physically active
  • Manage stress
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Eat nutritious food

With the current concern about Swine Flu, the most important thing you can do to protect your health is to build a strong immune system. That is key. Dr. Steven Chaney, head of the nutrition department at University of North Carolina Medical School recommends a simple program that strengthens the immune system – a very good idea when these super bugs like the Swine Flu are being reported and swine flu symptoms in children are soaring. He believes it is especially important to use vitamin products that you know are well absorbed and utilized by the body.

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Swine Flu -Treatment:

  • Stay home from work or school and rest
  • Drink lots of liquids – herbal teas are good: chamomile, echinacea, lemon balm
  • Wipe self down with a cool, damp washcloth for a high fever
  • Soup would be a good food, especially chicken soup


For more info about the immune system, see this short video:
Learn How to Boost Immunity Naturally


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