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Although kids may be scared to think about a fire breaking out in their home, it’s an excellent idea to discuss home fire safety with them.
If know what to do  they know what to do in advance, it may save their lives.

Have you taught your kids what to do in case of fire?The whole family should sit down together and talk about what to do to safely escape a fire that’s started at home.

Escape plans and escape routes are  important for each family member to know.  The goal is to get outside quickly and safely.

Because a fire’s smoke can make it hard to see, it’s important for all to learn all the different exits in their home, and how to get to them from their bedrooms.

  • To further teach kids about home fire safety, you must explain about not opening their bedroom doors if smoke or heat are present.
    –Talk about escape from their windows and collapsible ladders, or having an adult present to help.
    –Teach them how to unlock windows and remove screeens, but stress this is only for emergencies.
  • Choose a meeting place in the yard or at a neighbor’s house.
  • Practice a fire drill twice a year.
  • Change batteries in smoke detectors yearly.
  • If caught in smoke-filled room, drop to the floor and crawl to exit so you don’t breathe in the unhealthy  smoke.
  • If clothes catch on fire, DON’T RUN!  Instead, stop, drop and roll out the flames.
  • If fire blocks the door, teach the child to yell from an open window or if available, use a phone to call 911.
  • Stress never to go back into a burning house for a pet or toy…instead tell a fireman about it.
  • Keep bedroom doors closed at night.
  • Keep a flashlight by the bed.
  • Never try to put out a fire by yourself, no matter how small it is.
  • Never play with matches or lighters.

Some parents may want to avoid the teaching the subject of home fire safety with their kids because they feel the children will be frightened.  My feelings are if you approach this topic gently and without fear, your kids will be armed with the knowledge that just may save their lives!


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There are many areas of our well being that can be made better by  just making a small change here and there.  I decided to reach out to people interested in improving their family’s general health by offering some simple, helpful tips and  intend to cover a wide variety of areas in children’s health.

I hope you find the tips useful and as a result, help improve the health of your family and our planet.  Being involved in the health and wellness field over the past 28 years, I work to make a positive impact on the lives of my clients and their families in the area of wellness.  It is my goal to help make a difference for anyone who desires improved health.


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  • Steve

    I for one sincerely want to thank you for all the effort you’ve made by writing these very informative reports. It’s obvious you have the health and welfare of all our kids at heart and are a very caring, thoughtful person. I’ll continue to follow your work for a long time.

  • tishbillooditseiloura

    Excellent list of points to help us parents protect our kids. You supplied some points I had not thought of, thank you – I’ll speakto my kids about fire protection again tonight and add the new pointers I learned!

  • Cheryl Hanson

    You have written a great list here! It is a good idea to do all of these tasks, and do them often, but it should be a gentle communication to children. They need time to understand the chances of a fire or threat are not common, but that they should be aware. Some people like to shelter their kids by not discussing any kind of threats, but it is only a needless problem if they do not prepare their kids. There are too many issues that could come up, and it is important to be ready!

  • Mike Alexander

    A dozen essential fire safety tips that should be brought to the attention of all youngsters provided they are old enough to comprehend what is being discussed.

  • Gerek Allen

    When it comes to being a professional at your business, this type of information is invaluable. I just loved and appreciated the way the information was put together and how many golden nuggets are contained in this piece. This is the type of information that we need to hear. What’s really amazing is how clear and concise everything is. How do you think technology will change your industry in the near future? Great job and keep up the good work.

  • College Degrees

    Great article tips on teaching children fire safety. I would also include in the tips including a portable fire safety ladder that hangs out the window if on a second floor or higher. I would highly recommend this and teach the kids how to operate it and safely climb down the ladder.

  • Sarah

    Marc, thank you for the additional info about home fire safety…it’s appreciated!

  • Sarah

    College Degrees – Valid point of information…thanks for commenting!

  • Sarah

    Gerek, thank you so much for your glowing comment about my home fire safety post!
    Industry is constanly coming up with new technology…it will be interesting to see what develops…
    What are some ideas all of you out there would like to have come about?

  • Sarah

    Hi Mike…It’s always necessary to teach kids at their levels of comprehension so they can benefit from the information…thank you!

  • Sarah

    Cheryl…you make an excellent point! If parents bury their heads in the sand by not preparing their kids to possible dangers, it could have
    disastruous consequences.
    Thank you for bringing this up!

  • Sarah

    It’s clear that you’re a concerned parent who wants the best for her kids…thank you for your comment!

  • Sarah

    Steve- thank you so much for your very warm and thoughtful comment…I so appreciate it!

  • Lilian

    You have written a super list here! It is a good plan to follow all of these points, and do them often, but it should be a gentle communication to children. They need time to get the chances of a fire or threat are uncommon, but that they should be alert. Some adults like to protect their kids by not bringing up any kind of dangers, but it is only a needless problem if they do not equip their children. There are too many issues that could occur, and it is important to be ready!

  • Bob Johnson

    A great piece – thank you so much for posting it. I would definitely recommend that everyone else should have a look at it.

  • Sarah

    Thank you, Bob…I’m so glad you’re spreading the word about fire protection for kids – it’s so important because it can save lives!

  • Sarah

    Thank you Lilian…I totally agree that parents must prepare their children for possible emergencies through communication and education in a gentle manner. It could save lives.

  • Steve

    This information is paramount. We can never be too careful regarding home safety, especially where fire is concearned. Hopefully a good grounding for the kids will help save lives.

  • Sarah

    Yes, Steve…if a child has been prepared and knows what to do in an emergency, it could definitely save lives. Thank you for your comment!

  • BuyGiftsItems

    You wrote: “Stress the importance of never returning to a burning house for a pet or toy, instead tell a fireman about it” is very good advice.

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