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Here are some home safety tips for kids, and they’re green tips!

While reading through Sloan’s informative book, Green Goes With Everything,
I came across this info that I thought would be helpful to you…so here it is:

1. Gather all of your cleaning products and read the labels.

2. Notice how dangerous and toxic they are. Then, take a deep
breath (but not near the cleaning products).To protect your kids, get rid of any household cleaner that says, "Poison" or "Danger" and replace with safe, green cleaner.

3. Take all the ones that say “Danger,” “Poison,” or contain
chlorine bleach and ammonia and put them in a garbage bag.

4. Call your local sanitation department and ask them how to
dispose of them safely.

5. Buy green cleaning products and breathe deeply and safely.”

I highly recommend “Green Goes With Everything:  Simple Steps To
A Healthier Life And A Cleaner Planet” by Sloan Barnett.

She writes in an easy to read, personalized style and has done a
very thorough job which will help all to raise healthier kids, pets,
and live on a cleaner planet.  Her book is filled with kids’ home safety tips.

If you would like a copy of this very informative, inexpensive book, click:

Green Goes With Everything

It’s so important and easy to make your home a healthier environment for your family…all you have to do is switch brands of the toxic cleaners you now use to green ones.
Don’t think you have harmful cleaning products in your home?
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There are many areas of our well being that can be made better by  just making a small change here and there.  I decided to reach out to people interested in improving their family’s general health by offering some simple, helpful tips and  intend to cover a wide variety of areas in children’s health.

I hope you find the tips useful and as a result, help improve the health of your family and our planet.  Being involved in the health and wellness field over the past 28 years, I work to make a positive impact on the lives of my clients and their families in the area of wellness.  It is my goal to help make a difference for anyone who desires improved health.


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